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Traditional banks are frustrating, bureaucratic, and slow. We built Monese to be the exact opposite. Monese is easy, straight-talking and instant. We don't require UK proof of address and we don't conduct credit checks

We rely on technology and innovation to provide a current account service that is easy to use, affordable, secure and most importantly - accessible to all.

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Foreign nationals

Regular banks make it incredibly difficult for migrants to open bank accounts, but with the Monese app immigrants to the UK can now open local current accounts instantly without any of the usual hassle.


Expat banking accounts with highstreet bank accounts come with a myriad of special conditions that many customers struggle to meet. Banks have long application processes and sometimes require huge upfront deposits. We've made the process of opening a current account as an expat simple, fast and 100% mobile.


If you are a freelancer, contractor or digital nomad finding a bank account that caters to your flexible working patterns can feel like an impossible task. Monese is the perfect alternative to a regular bank account and will give you complete control over your personal finances - helping you do more with your money for less, wherever you are in the world.

Basic account holders

A basic bank account with a traditional bank is, as the name suggests, basic. Regular banks prevent basic account holders from accessing many of the key services included in normal current accounts. Find out how much more you could be getting with Monese.

No proof of address

Traditional banks refuse to open bank accounts for customers that can't provide documented proof of address. With the Monese app you can open a current account instantly with nothing but a selfie and a photo of your passport or national ID card.

Your main account

Monese is not a bank - we specialise in one thing and that's current accounts. Our current accounts provide you with all of the services you need to manage your personal finances day to day, without ever needing to visit a branch. With the Monese app you can manage all aspects of your account from making payments to generating statements.

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Deposit cash (in the UK)

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Pay bills via bank transfer

Send money abroad

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