Monese debit card

Not just a prepaid debit card. It's the easiest way to access your money globally.

Contactless debit card

Monese contactless debit cards open up a world of possibilities since they are accepted in over 200 countries worldwide and by most major online retailers and mobile app services. You can use your Monese debit card to take advantage of great online offers and to pay for the essential goods and services you need every day.

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Cash withdrawals

Monese accounts comes with 10 free ATM withdrawals every month, giving our customers fast and frequent access to cash at no additional expense. The Monese debit card can be used at any ATM that accepts Mastercard and unless explicitly stated most are free to use.

Instant card locking

The Monese card is as smart as it looks. If you ever lose it, you don’t need to worry about a thing. You can lock your card instantly using the Monese app and if you find out that it was actually in your bag the whole time you can simply unlock it again later… If your card is ever lost or stolen just lock it using the app and order a new debit card. With Monese your card and money are safe.


All of our debit cards are contactless so when you’re out and about there’s no need to hunt for loose change or waste time entering your pin when you’re making a purchase of £30 or less, just tap you card on the reader and go.

  • Look out for the contactless symbol when you’re paying and save time by tapping
  • Use contactless on any purchase of £30 or less
  • With contactless payments you don’t need to enter your pin
  • Contactless is secure and only lets the merchant take the exact amount once, when you tap

What are some of the benefits of using contactless? Contactless is faster since you don’t have to insert your card into a reader or enter your pin, it means you can avoid carrying cash for smaller purchases and it’s helps prevent fraud since your card never has to leave your hand

The Monese card for travel

The Monese debit card can be used globally. When spending abroad all of our card holders get access to the real exchange rate and are only charged 0.5% of the transaction value, which makes Monese one of the lowest cost options for accessing your money in another currency. Whether you are travelling for business or pleasure Monese is a great companion to have by your side.

Getting around town

Your Monese prepaid card can also be used to pay for travel around big cities. In London for example Monese customers can use their contactless debit card to pay for journeys on the tube, on London Buses on the London Overground or National Rail services wherever ‘Oyster’ is accepted.

Prepaid card

The Monese contactless debit card is essentially a prepaid card with superpowers. This means that it gives you all of the power of a regular debit card, like global acceptance, global access to cash, contactless functionality and secure online shopping - with the flexibility of a prepaid card, helping you budget by preventing you from overspending or running up debts.

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