Make fast UK bank transfers, pay bills and send money abroad for less

Make payments on your mobile

The Monese app makes it easy to pay for goods and services like rent or utility bills. With a few taps you can pay a company or individual recipient via bank transfer. Domestic bank transfers are free for Monese customers and there are no limits on the number of transfers you can undertake.

Easier payments

Bank transfers

If you like staying in tight control of your budget bank transfers are a great way to pay for essential services like your mobile phone and home broadband or for utilities like electricity, gas and water as you can review your bills and ensure they are accurate before making payment.

Direct Debits

You can set up Direct Debits to automatically pay for the services and utilities you use regularly. Mobile phone contracts, rent, electricity bills and gym membership can all be paid for with Direct Debit. The majority of UK bill payers (over 50%) use Direct Debits as they are easy to set up, convenient and safe. Learn more about the Direct Debit guarantee here.

Transfer money abroad

As a Monese account holder you can send money abroad to 8 currencies for up to 8x less than using a bank. We process millions of pounds worth of transactions every day and this huge volume means that we are able to buy currency at wholesale rates. We pass these great rates on to our customers and only charge 0.5% of the transaction amount. There isn't a better way to send money abroad cheaply.

Pay by debit card or in cash

You can pay for a whole range of things with your Monese debit card. You can shop in store or online, buy things in apps or take cash out at ATMs globally.

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