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Officially Europe's Best Challenger-Bank

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Awarded Best Challenger-Bank at the European Fintech Awards 2016

What is Monese

Monese was founded with the ambitious goal of building a mobile only, instant-open current account for the on-demand age.

With the Monese app, customers from all over Europe can open a UK current account in as little as 120 seconds, without the credit checks or residency restrictions imposed by traditional banks.

Monese was the first 100% mobile current account service to launch in the UK, in September 2015.

  • I was sceptical about monese at the beginning but it turned out to be a good experience!

  • It's just too awesome really! Life saver. Works like a charm. Great customer service.

  • Very useful banking service for UK Contactless debit card, full bank transfers platform and very efficient support

  • signing up took 3mins and card came in two days! verified the account using video which is amazing and convenient!

  • Best Banking app! Best app and bank in UK. Amazing!

  • Absolutely life saving I am self employed and opening an account in the UK was very difficult. No more with this great app...

  • No meeting or paperwork - I got my account open in 5 minutes and the (beautiful) debit card arrived in 3 days.

  • Having lived this pain, I applaud Monese.

  • As an American expat abroad on dat tri-currency life, I really don't know how I'd live without @MyMonese...

  • @MyMonese where have you been? I moved to the UK 4months ago it took 6weeks to get a bank account thanks for shaking things up

  • @MyMonese account opened super fast! Looking good so far. Will be using this as my main account over the coming weeks.

  • Amazing online bank, transfers are quick, the international transfers are far cheaper than the big banks...

  • Instant payments notifications, cheap transfers abroad and beautiful app - miles better than my old Nationwide bank.

  • Very clever - love this app and of course the core problem it's solving - Banking on the Go!

  • Best banking online Monese never let me down. 10 star **********

  • iOS at last!! Keep up to good work guys!!!

  • @MyMonese just opened my account in 3 mins -- you guys rock!! contrast to my exp w/ HSBC

Customers moved over £100 million with Monese in the first year!

Bank to the future

Not only did we want to make opening and using an account as easy as ordering an Uber, we also wanted to ensure it was accessible to everyone and not just a select few with perfect credit scores and several month’s worth of utility bill documentation.

Fast forward to the present day and we have opened tens of thousands of mobile only, on-demand current accounts for customers all over the UK and the wider EU, we’ve been officially named ‘Best Challenger-Bank' in Europe and have even been awarded €1.1 million by the European Commission for research and innovation!

We’re also incredibly proud that the product we’ve created is improving the lives of so many customers that legacy banks fail to serve.

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