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Your Monese account helps you save serious money if you travel abroad, no matter where you are in the world.

If you do a transaction that involves currency exchange, like an ATM cash withdrawal in a currency other than GBP, we'll use the real wholesale exchange rate and only charge you 0.5% of the transaction value, saving you as much as 88% compared to regular banks.

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Monese accounts are up to 5x cheaper than 'free' current accounts with regular banks*

Fee List

You can forget about complex price packages or hidden charges. Just an affordable monthly fee and currency exchange at up to 88% cheaper than banks.

You only pay for your Monese account on the months you use it. If you don't have money in your account when your monthly fee is due, you wont build up debt or owe us anything.

Price Regularity Rate
Monthly account fee £4.95 Per month -
Your UK current account £0 - -
Contactless debit card £0 - -
Receive salary or other payments £0 - -
Global card purchases £0 - -
Global bank transfers £0 - -
Instant Monese payments £0 - -
Mobile transaction notifications £0 - -
In-app balance checks £0 - -
Banking account statements £0 - -
In-app card management £0 - -
ATM PIN change (UK only) £0 - -
In store cashback (UK only) £0 - -
Account help and support £0 - -
10 ATM withdrawals globally £0 - -
Additional ATM withdrawals £0.50 Per transaction -
Post Office cash deposits (UK only) £1 Per transaction -
Paypoint cash deposits (UK only) 2.5% Per transaction -
Non-GBP card purchases 0.5% Per transaction Wholesale2
Non-GBP ATM withdrawals 0.5% Per transaction Wholesale2
Non-GBP outgoing bank transfers 0.5% Per transaction Wholesale

*Based on a comparison of the Tariffs of Retail Banking in Thirteen Countries by Van Dijk Management Consultants, 2013 and Monese’s analysis of the cost of account ownership across the top 5 banks in the UK with a combined market share of 85%. The USD/GBP Exchange rate at the time of data collection was 0.62 (November 2012).
1There will be no monthly fee to pay during the 30 day trial period, however any currency exchange transactions will be charged as normal (as defined in our terms and conditions).
2Any currency conversion will incur a 0.5% fee, except any currency conversion to RON which incurs a 0.75% fee - minimum charges apply as follows. We charge a minimum of £1 for any bank transfers that require currency conversion, excluding conversion to BGN or RON currencies where a £2 minimum charge applies. For non-GBP card purchases and non-GBP ATM usage your money is converted at the wholesale Mastercard rate on the date they process the transaction, which may differ from the actual transaction date. Some retailers may charge additional fees.
3Customers could save an average of 88% by using Monese to send money abroad. Based on the average cost of sending £400 from the United Kingdom to EUR, BRL, BGN, CZK, DKK, HUF, NOK, PLN, SEK or USD currency accounts outside of the UK using 5 of the UK's leading banks. Data and exchange rates used were recorded in April 2017.

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